What is Reb A?

Discover the sweet magic of Reb A, a natural sweetener derived from the enchanting stevia plant. Boasting 200-300 times the sweetness of ordinary sugar and low in calories, Reb A is one of several steviol glycosides found in stevia leaves, offering a delicious sugar-like taste without the bitter aftertaste of crude stevia extracts.

We harness the goodness of 99% pure Reb A for its delectable taste and unwavering safety. Known as one of the least bitter glycosides, Reb A, when expertly blended, delivers a delightful sugar-like flavor. Its purity and safety have been meticulously researched, making it a sweet and reliable choice.

The journey of extracting Reb A from stevia leaves is a delicate dance of precision. In summary, stevia leaves are cleaned, dried, and milled before being steeped in hot water. A multistep process then separates Reb A from other glycosides and compounds, involving filtration, resin washing, activated carbon filtering, and crystallization. This leaves us with 99% pure Reb A, untouched by any chemical changes during extraction and purification.

Embrace the sweetness of Reb A and indulge in nature’s delightful gift to your taste buds!

Learn how the natural sweetness of Reb A is unlocked from the stevia leaf.