Eco-friendly Packaging

Almost as green as our leaves…

Eco-Chic Cartons: Pure Via’s Green Commitment

Our cartons celebrate Mother Earth with 100% recycled fiber, including 35% post-consumer content. This means our cartons are crafted entirely from repurposed cardboard, with over a third originating from your very own recycling bins. By embracing 100% recycled fiber, we reduce our carbon footprint and help save up to 14 trees per ton of virgin paper.

We adorn our packaging with eco-friendly inks, derived from naturally renewable sources like soy and vegetable oils. These sustainable inks not only honor the environment but also ensure our cartons can be easily transformed into new cartons after use.

Pure Via Turbinado and Stevia Blend bags boast recyclable HDPE material, making them the first recyclable stand-up bags primarily composed of HDPE. Proudly produced with Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) plastic, these bags are approved for post-consumer recycling alongside plastic shopping bags.

Choose Pure Via and join us on our journey to protect the planet, one eco-chic carton at a time!