Eco-Friendly Packaging

Almost as green as our leaves...

Our cartons are made from 100% recycled fiber, with 35% post-consumer content.

This means 100% of our cartons are made from cardboard that’s been recycled. 35% of that recycled cardboard is actually made from stuff people like you put in their recycling bins every week. By making our cartons from 100% recycled fiber, we reduce our carbon footprint. Every ton of virgin paper uses up to 14 trees - so our recycled packaging is helping to save our forests.

All our packaging is printed using environmentally friendly inks made from naturally renewable sources like soy and other vegetable oils. Natural inks also make our cartons easier to be recreated as cartons after they’ve been used.

Our bags for Pure Via Turbinado and Stevia Blend are packaged in a recyclable HDPE material. This is the first recyclable stand-up bag that is predominantly HDPE as well as produced with Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) plastic which means it is approved for post-consumer recycling with plastic shopping bags.


Eco-friendly packaging