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Tips for buying fresh

  • Always try to buy produce when it is in season -that way you can be sure it’s fresh, at its most abundant and cheapest!
  • Choose fresh fruit and vegetables that are free from unusual odors or signs of spoilage such as mold.
  • Handle your produce gently to reduce bruising. Bacteria can thrive in the bruised areas.
  • Buying under-ripe produce isn’t always the best option. Tomatoes, peaches and nectarines are examples of fruits that may soften during storage, but they won’t ripen.
  • When buying cut produce, be sure it’s refrigerated and keep it cool during transport.
Return to natural

When it comes to eating more naturally, small changes can make a big difference.
Here are some simple ways to get back to nature.

  • Keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand to snack on anytime.
  • Reduce your intake of processed foods.
  • Check food labels for artificial ingredients.
  • Add natural flavor to foods with a dash of olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice rather
    than using packaged dressings.
  • Replace artificial sweeteners with Pure Via - sweetened using all natural stevia.